Take Action to Repeal the Death Penalty

How You Can Urge Your Legislators to Act

ALL of our elected officials, whether they support or oppose repeal, need to hear from YOU! We need to thank our supporters and ask them to make repeal a top priority. We need to ask them to do everything in their power to make sure repeal gets a full debate and vote on the House floor this year.

Those on the fence or opposed to repeal need to hear from their constituents as well. Legislators do change their minds on repeal when they are exposed to voters who support repeal and learn the facts about the issue.

What Can You Do?

  • Have a conversation with your senator and representative in person or on the phone. If they support, ask them how they can help move repeal forward. If they oppose, try to get a good understanding of the real reason behind their position. Please report back to the DE Repeal campaign about these conversations.
  • Mail a handwritten letter explaining why you support repeal.
  • Write a letter to the editor in support of repeal.
  • Go online to www.derepeal.org to send an email to your legislators and sign up for email alerts.

For more information, contact Ellen Jones at 302-654-5326 x100 or email ellen@derepeal.org.

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