If You See Something, Say Something

The last several months have been an interesting blend of old and new for our affiliate. We’ve put an eye toward the We the Peoplefuture as our Board of Directors has rolled out an ambitious new strategic plan. And we’ve taken an in-depth look back on our history as we celebrated the 29th Kandler Dinner in October and prepared to honor supporters who have been with us for 25 years or more. With the wisdom gained from both perspectives, we find ourselves excited to grow and boldly advance our mission here in Delaware.

One of the many recent changes has been the revitalization of our development committee, tasked with increasing our capacity so we can make progress on the far-reaching program goals we’ve set. Although the revitalized committee is new, two projects have already emerged—a Quarter Century Club, which honors those of you who have stood with us for 25 years or more, and an Amicus Society that will allow us to make more frequent and deeper connections with our members in the legal community. We have an ever-growing membership and plans to continue expanding our reach throughout the state. We’d like you to be a part of that.

You can—and must if we are to succeed fully—play a major role in our expansion. The Department of Homeland Security says, “If you see something, say something.” So do we. If you see government action that limits free speech or interferes with religious freedom, speak up. If you see government inaction that permits discrimination against minorities or women, speak up. If you see abuses of power by those charged with enforcing the law, speak up. Email legal@aclu-de.org and alert us. We need eyes and ears everywhere to be able to address all the civil liberties issues arising in the state.

Everyone here at the Delaware ACLU is looking forward to an exciting 2015. We wish you and yours a joyous and safe holiday season.

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