Rachel Dromgoole

I am proud to support the ACLU because they support me.

The ACLU protects my rights and freedoms that are guaranteed by the constitution. Not only do they support me, they support all Americans. I want to know that my basic rights will always be present. I know that the ACLU will always work hard to defend those rights, and I thank them for that. They provide me and others with protection; protection of what is rightfully, based on the constitution, ours. The ACLU serves all no matter their religion, gender, or political association and I love that about this organization.

I admire the ACLU’s commitment to the law and the constitution; it continues to impress me every day. I hope that I will be able to carry on this commitment in everything that I do with the ACLU and without. I am blessed to be associated with such a courageous group.


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