Alexandria Nedd

I support the ACLU because it defends the rights and liberties of those people or groups of people whose rights are often abused. As a minority woman, the ACLU’s efforts in establishing equal access to these rights are very important to me. I have seen firsthand the positive impact that the ACLU has made not […]

Rachel Dromgoole

I am proud to support the ACLU because they support me. The ACLU protects my rights and freedoms that are guaranteed by the constitution. Not only do they support me, they support all Americans. I want to know that my basic rights will always be present. I know that the ACLU will always work hard […]

Rachel Gallagher

I support the work of the ACLU because they don’t take civil rights or liberties for granted. It is one thing to watch the news and disagree with what the government is doing, but if no one does anything, our civil liberties slip away without much commotion. The ACLU of Delaware takes action and fights […]

Kathryn Jakabcin

The notion that we should revere and protect the rights and freedoms spelled out so eloquently in our Constitution, as amended, is simple enough to support no matter your political philosophy or ideological perspective. It’s when things get uncomfortable and Nazis come walking through a chiefly Jewish community or a local school board consistently begins […]

Richard Morse

I learned from my parents that discrimination is a terrible thing and freedom is a wonderful thing. Freedom of speech is essential to the nation’s continued progress, since only if all ideas may be expressed will the good ones win out. I want to be sure I can say whatever I want on the issues […]

Rev. Josh Snyder

I support the ACLU because it respects religious diversity. Although it is a secular organization it often lives out religious values of freedom, tolerance and love better than some churches and denominations who preach such values but rarely live them out.

Christopher Varacchi

I support the ACLU because they believe in equality for all people. Although our country’s laws have improved over time, unequal treatment of certain people in our society and legal system still exists. I am confident that the ACLU will remain a strong voice for these people and further equality for everyone.

Kathleen MacRae

I was born a “freedom fighter.” It’s in my blood. But I didn’t completely understand the full depth of my passion for equality and justice until I began to work for the ACLU. There is no more important organization in the country, because there are no more important underpinnings to our democracy and freedom than […]

Lawrence Hamermesh

People who think that the ACLU is a godless organization misunderstand both the ACLU and the Constitution, and why both are so important to me and to our nation.  The genius of the First Amendment that the ACLU defends is the freedom to engage in religious practice according to the individual citizen’s beliefs, and the […]

Joseph Naylor

I was invited to join the Delaware chapter of the ACLU approximately ten years ago after being involved in several high-profile first amendment cases on a pro bono basis. While I don’t agree with every legal position that the ACLU takes, I believe that our chapter serves a very valuable role in the community and […]