News & Cases About School-to-Prison Pipeline

Criminalizing bullying is not the answer

Sarah does not want people to use her pain as an excuse to pass bad legislation that will harm other children.

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A Teacher’s Take on Restorative Justice

Completely Outside Expectations How a Reluctant Teacher Came to Love Restorative Justice Guest post by Jackie Kook My first thought after completing training in restorative practices was, “How on EARTH am I going to get 15 lab tables in a circle so these kids can sit and talk about their feelings?” Despite numerous success stories […]

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Keeping Kids in School

Our efforts to tackle two of the most significant issues faced by Delaware students: unreasonable school discipline practices and discriminatory school admissions practices.

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ACLU Sues Smyrna for More Wrongful Arrests

“The suit alleges that police officers employed by the Town of Smyrna repeatedly arrest motorists … for the sole purpose of generating revenue for the town.”

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ACLU-DE Convenes ‘Coalition For Fairness & Equity In Schools’

UPDATE (06/11/14)— Both New Castle County Council and Wilmington City Council passed resolutions supporting the Coalition and asking that school districts across the state implement the Coalition’s recommendations. More information can be found here. INEQUITY IN DELAWARE’S SCHOOL DISCIPLINE PRACTICES Delaware, like many states around the country, is part of a disturbing national trend known […]

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Sixty Years After Brown, Still Much to Do

“Should we care that school segregation has returned…? We believe we should.”

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Case Docket

A roundup of our recent legal work.

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ACLU of Delaware Gets Organized!

NEW COMMUNITY & PROJECT ORGANIZER MOBILIZES FAMILIES AND COMMUNITIES The ACLU of Delaware recognizes the importance of partnering with the broader community to ensure justice and equality for all of Delaware’s citizens. In an effort to strengthen community involvement throughout the state, we added the Community & Project Organizer position to our staff in September. […]

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Reaching Further for Delaware’s Students

STAY IN SCHOOL PROJECT EXPANDS ITS IMPACT Isaiah is a typical middle school student. He loves music and movies, enjoys spending time with his friends, earns pretty good grades in his classes, and says he wants to start his own business when he grows up. Isaiah also has mild Asperger’s, which increases his likelihood of […]

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Standing Up to Challenges & Creating a Lasting Legacy

It’s been an exciting year for the ACLU. We argued an extraordinary six cases before the U.S. Supreme Court and won four, including the all-important victory overturning a portion of the Defense of Marriage Act. In a less well known case, Assoc. of Molecular Pathologists v. Myriad Genetics,  the court unanimously invalidated patents on two […]

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