What’s Next for SB 19 after the House Committee Hearings?

The House Judiciary Committee reconvened yesterday and voted to table Senate Bill 19.

So what does this mean for death penalty repeal?

Tabling the bill will allow the committee more time to get the signatures needed to release it from committee.  We need 6 votes to move out of committee, and we currently have 5.  We only need the support of 1 more committee member and then SB 19 will move on to a full House vote.  This bill deserves a vote.

We have seen the power of constituent contact time and time again.  Now we need you, our supporters, to help us get SB 19 out of committee so that it can go for a floor vote.

Contact the remaining 6 committee members, urging them to let SB 19 out of committee. 

This is definitely still a “live” bill, and we will keep you updated as things continue to change.  Thank you for all of your support and help!

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