The light at the end of the tunnel: A message from Kirk Bloodsworth

I’m Kirk Noble Bloodsworth. I spent 10 years in prison in Maryland, 2 on death row, as an innocent man.  For the last year, I have been helping with the death penalty repeal effort here in Delaware.

We can see the light at the end of the tunnel! With your help, in early 2014 Delaware will end its failed experiment with capital punishment.

Please consider making a contribution to support the repeal effort today.

Like you, I’m tired of waiting. And after 10 years on death row, I know how to wait. But, just as it happened in Maryland last May, the waiting is coming to an end.

I now serve as Advocacy Director for Witness to Innocence, the organization of survivors of wrongful death sentences across the country. I love my job because I get to support groups like Delaware Repeal. By sharing my story and bringing fellow exonerees to Delaware, we highlight the message: If you have the death penalty, sooner or later you will kill an innocent person.

As you know, SB 19, the bill to repeal the death penalty, passed the Senate and was tabled in the House Judiciary Committee. But the bill is not dead! Delaware Repeal is working hard to get SB 19 to the House floor, where I believe we have the votes to get it passed. With your help today, we can do it.

Please make a contribution today. Whether it is $5, $50, or even $5,000, if every person receiving this message chips in, we will have what we need to finish the job. What’s it worth to you?

The last bit of waiting is always the hardest. When my lawyer called and said the DNA test proved my innocence, I still had to wait before I could walk free. I could see my freedom. I could taste it. And when it finally came, it was the sweetest thing ever.

Today we are very close to ending the death penalty in Delaware. Your donation helps get us there. Please click here to donate now. Thank you.

Kirk Noble Bloodsworth, A.I.M.
Advocacy Director, Witness to Innocence

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