New Castle Presbytery Endorses DE Repeal

The New Castle Presbytery of the Presbyterian Church (USA) approved a resolution supporting opposition to and abolition of the death penalty in Delaware and Maryland on September 18, 2012.  In the same resolution they also declared their support for Delaware Repeal, Delaware Citizens Opposed to the Death Penalty and Maryland Citizens Against State Executions.

 “…New Castle Presbytery supports abolishing the death penalty in Delaware and Maryland, encourages its congregations to study the death penalty and the church’s opposition for it, and will support ecumenical and civic groups such as Maryland Citizens Against State Executions, Delaware Citizens Opposed to the Death Penalty, and Delaware Repeal.”

Some reasons for their opposition to the death penalty include;

  • The death penalty is not a deterrent to murder;
  • It is a waste of taxpayers’ money;
  • It is unjust, random and inconsistent in application;
  • It prolongs suffering for victims’ families;
  • And the General Assembly of the United Presbyterian Church has long opposed capital punishment.

For the full lists of reasons that led to the New Castle Presbytery’s support for repeal of the death penalty read the full resolution.

The Presbytery has over 12,000 active Presbyterians serving in 54 churches in Delaware and the Eastern Shore of Maryland.  It is the oldest (1717) representative denomination in the state.



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