Marlyand passes repeal!!

Today, the Maryland House voted to repeal the death penalty with a bipartisan vote of 82-56.  The Senate passed the legislation on March 6 with a bipartisan vote of 27-20, and the Governor has pledged to sign the bill.  When that happens, Maryland will join Connecticut, Illinois, New Mexico, New Jersey, and New York to become the sixth state in six years to repeal the death penalty.

Over the last few years Maryland tried to fix the death penalty by instituting sweeping reforms, but found that the changes only made the law more complicated, costly, and arbitrary, while failing to fix the original reason for the reforms – the risk of executing an innocent person.  It took just 4 years from the reforms for lawmakers to throw up their hands and decide they were better off repealing the death penalty.

States across the country are moving away from the death penalty as more and more people learn that the system makes mistakes, is unevenly applied, and wastes millions of dollars while failing to make us safer.  Delaware is no more immune to the major issues plaguing the death penalty than the 18 states that have chosen to repeal the death penalty before us.

Delaware is going to follow in the success of Maryland, and we will be the 7th state in 6 years to repeal the death penalty.  Join us at one of our upcoming events to get more involved in the repeal movement.

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