Law Enforcement Homicide Rates: Before and After the Death Penalty

During Governor Richardson’s press conference today, he stated that repealing the death penalty in New Mexico did not lead to an increase in homicides, including the murder of law enforcement officers.

“Since we repealed the death penalty in New Mexico, we have seen no big upswing in murder overall nor has there been a huge upswing in the death of law enforcement officers. In fact, our murder rate is down significantly.”

We decided to look at the homicide rates of law enforcement in states before and after they ended the death penalty.

In a new report written by Abe Bonowitz, we see that repealing the death penalty does not increase the number of law enforcement homicides. In fact, states that have ended the death penalty tended to have fewer law enforcement murders after their states ended the death penalty, confirming that the death penalty is not an effective method for protecting law enforcement officers from being killed.

Read full report here.

We believe in protecting that the safety of law enforcement officers should be a priority here in Delaware, but the death penalty is not keeping them safe. By repealing the death penalty, the state can save millions of dollars which can then be reinvested into safety programs for police officers, including the purchase of more bullet proof vests.

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