Delaware one of nine states to execute in 2012

Delaware Death Penalty Year in Review 

A year-end report by the Death Penalty Information Center reported that much of the country is moving away from use of the death penalty with executions remaining the same as last year and death sentences the second lowest since the death penalty was reinstated. However, Delaware was one of only nine states to carry out an execution in 2012.

After not carrying out an execution since 2005, Delaware has executed one person in each of the past two years. Since 1976, Delaware has executed 16 individuals, making it the third biggest execution state, per capita.

Delaware is a small state that is big on using the death penalty. With national trends and momentum moving toward repeal, the time is now to end Delaware’s broken and ineffective death penalty system. Help us end Delaware’s broken machinery of death by signing the petition to end the death penalty.

Death Penalty Year-end Report 

Nationwide, the number of executions in 2012 (43) was 56 percent less than the peak in 1999 and equal to last year’s total. 29 states either have no death penalty or have not carried out an execution in five years. In addition, the number of new death sentences in 2012 was the second lowest since the death penalty was reinstated in 1976.  Seventy-eight people were sentenced to death in 2012, representing a 75 percent decline since 1996 when there were 315 sentences.

Read the full report here.

States Moving Away from the Death Penalty

The number of states with the death penalty declined this year as Connecticut joined 16 other states that have repealed the death penalty. Illinois abolished the death penalty in 2011. Five states in five years have abandoned capital punishment; the other three were New York, New Jersey, and New Mexico.

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