Death Penalty Repeal Education Effort Launched

Delaware Repeal is a coalition of diverse organizations and individuals who support repeal of the death penalty.   We are working vigorously to promote a statewide conversation about the death penalty and the benefits of its repeal in Delaware.

The Coalition

Delaware Citizens Opposed to the Death Penalty, the ACLU of Delaware, Delaware Center for Justice, the NAACP,  the League of Women Voters, and Pacem in Terris partnered together to found DE Repeal. In November, Rachel Dromgoole, a recent graduate of Susquehanna University was hired as the project organizer. Representatives from the founding organizations make up DE Repeal’s expert advisory committee.

Delaware is a small state with arguably the broadest death penalty laws in the country.  The state is wasting millions of dollars on a flawed, 19th century mode of punishment that does not keep our community safe. That money could better be spent on services for victims of crime, more policing, and programs to reduce violence.”

– Sherry Dorsey, ACLU-DE board and DE Repeal advisory committee member

The Facts

Delaware has executed 16 men since 1992. That’s more than California, with the largest death row in the country at over 700, which has executed 13 times and Pennsylvania, with a death row of about 200, which has executed only three men in the last 20 years. As of April 27, 2012, Delaware has 15 men on death row.

Leaders of DE Repeal believe that the time is right for Delawareans to take a hard, critical look at the state’s use of capital punishment. They plan that the educational program will be the first step. When the time is right, a repeal bill will be introduced in the General Assembly.

Get Involved

“The Delaware Repeal Project is seeking partners from all corners of Delaware. We would like a broad range of faith communities, non-profit organizations, civic groups and individuals to help us promote a conversation about the flaws of Delaware’s death penalty system that is long overdue,” said Rachel Dromgoole, DE Repeal coordinator.

Many states have already realized that the time has come to abandon capital punishment. In the past five years, five states have repealed the death penalty beginning with New York and New Jersey in 2007, New Mexico in 2009, Illinois in 2011 and now Connecticut in 2012.

There are many opportunities to get involved in DE Repeal. Visit our Take Action page to learn more ways to support repeal efforts. You can also contact Rachel at or by phone at 302-654-5326 x104.

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