Death Penalty in Delaware

It is all too easy to be sentenced to death in Delaware—even if you did not actually kill someone.  In Delaware we execute our fellow citizens more frequently than California, the state with the largest death row. Learn more >>

Our Broken System

The death penalty sentencing system is fundamentally flawed and fraught with human error- both in Delaware and throughout the United States. Learn more >>

Racial Bias

The use of the death penalty in the United States has always been deeply affected by race—our history of slavery, Jim Crow laws and lynching all demonstrate that connection. Unfortunately, the days of racial bias in the death penalty system are not a remnant of the past. Learn more >>

Cost Savings

All studies ever conducted on the cost of the death penalty all conclude that the death penalty is more expensive than life without parole. Delaware Repeal believes that the millions of dollars being spent on the death penalty in the state should be redirected to help victims of crime and make us safer. Learn more >>

Violence Reduction

No reputable study of the death penalty has shown that it deters crime. In fact, murder rates are higher in states with the death penalty than they are in states without capital punishment. Learn more >>

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