Governor Markell Commutes Death Sentence

Delaware Governor Jack Markell made history today when he announced that he would commute the death sentence of Robert Gattis to life in prison.

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Death Penalty Makes Headlines

Clemency for Robert Gattis and the overturn of a 20 year old death sentence have put Delaware’s death penalty in the spotlight. If you support repeal of the death penalty, now is an important time to get involved.

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The “Stay in School” Project

Teaching Students’ Rights, Reducing School Dropout The “School to Prison Pipeline” refers to a national trend that pushes students out of school and into the juvenile justice and criminal justice systems. School push out occurs because of: the failure of our educational system to meet students needs zero tolerance discipline policies that result in high […]

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Protecting Civil Rights in Delaware

A Look Back at 2011 It’s hard to believe that a year has passed since I became the new executive director of the ACLU of Delaware. I’m grateful for my warm reception into the community and the opportunity to have met and worked with so many of you already. Delawareans enjoy greater freedom and equality […]

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Legal Report: Lookback at 2011

The American Civil Liberties Union of Delaware works in the courts, in the state and federal legislatures, with government officials and at the grassroots level to protect and promote freedom of speech, religious freedom, racial justice, LGBT rights, women’s rights, immigrants’ rights, students’ rights, reproductive freedom, the right of privacy, criminal justice, to improve prison […]

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Delaware Bucks 2011 Death Penalty Trends

Death sentences increased in Delaware bucking the national trend of declined use. Also this year, many Americans were shocked by the execution of Troy Davis in Georgia.

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World AIDS Day: People Behind Statistics

A Time to Remember So often when we think about HIV/AIDS, we think about statistics. World AIDS Day, observed each year on December 1, redirects our attention away from the statistics and reminds us of the people behind those numbers. Through artistic expressions at World AIDS Day events, we mourn the loss of loved ones, […]

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Volunteering To Make a Difference

Members of the ACLU Club of Widener Law School recently volunteered at the H. Fletcher Brown Boys and Girls Club in Wilmington…

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Occupy Delaware Victory!

Due to the efforts of the ACLU of Delaware, Occupy Delaware now has a home in Peter Spencer Plaza in Wilmington.

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Wilmington Police Refuse Access to Information

ACLU of Delaware filed suit in October 2011 against the City of Wilmington because they refused to provide information about: the Wilmington Police Department policies and procedures on the use of tasers, and the department’s acquisition and retention of cell phone records. Taser policies and procedures The first request from the ACLU, which was originally […]

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