It’s Time to Draw A Line Between Juvenile and Adult Justice

Juvenile Justice Header

We need your support in our fight to draw a clear line between the juvenile and adult justice systems. Take action today!

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ACLU Membership Conference 2018

Membership Conference 2018 - Register Today!

Register Today! You won’t want to miss the first ACLU membership conference in 10 years – you belong here!

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Sussex Series: Making Waves

Sussex Series Header

Join us on April 26, 2018, for the third Sussex Series meeting: Racial Justice in Delaware: Past, Present & Future.

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It’s Time for Smart Justice in Delaware

Smart Justice Featured Header

Delaware is one of the most incarcerating blue states in the country, and it’s time we do something about it.

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An Open Letter to Delaware Public School Administrators, Teachers, and Staff

In response to the tragic shooting last month at their school, students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida have inspired high school students across the country to take action. They are leading a movement to fight for gun safety measures that affect young people inside and outside of schools. Some students are […]

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We’re Proud to Introduce the *New* Connection!

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Read our Spring 2018 newsletter to learn about what we’ve been up to, and what we’re planning next. This is your CONNECTION.

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Support Transgender Students in Delaware

Protect Trans Students Header

It’s up to us to make sure Reg 225 moves forward. Let the Dept of Education know how important it is to protect Delaware’s transgender students.

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It’s Time for Kandler Nominations!

Kandler Nominations Featured Header

Do you know someone who fearlessly fights for civil liberties in your community? Nominate them for the 33rd Annual Kandler Award!

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ACLU-DE Challenges the State’s Allocation of Resources to Schools

School Funding Lawsuit Header

Delaware’s education system is leaving many disadvantaged students in the dust, so we’ve filed a lawsuit that aims to fix that.

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ACLU-DE Protects Students’ Rights to Religious Freedom

Notice Header

We will not tolerate the infringement of student’s religious freedoms, harassment because of religious beliefs, or “pick-and-choose” policies that violate students’ rights.

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